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Have your say: ICT Sharing & Reuse Recommendations

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European Commission encourages public administration to share and reuse their ICT solutions

The European Commission has opened for public comments its ten recommendations to promote public administrations to share and reuse their ICT solutions.

The ten tips help to overcome the key challenges public administrations face when sharing and reusing ICT solutions. With suggestions for communication, advise on how to overcome legal barriers, and guidance on technology and organisation, the European Commission hopes to increase interaction, exchange and cooperation among European public administrations.

For each recommendation, the document also provides practical tools that public administrations are free to use. Examples are the EC’s machine translation service, the Joinup repository and the European Union’s public software licence, the EUPL.

Active innovation

The recommendations in the Sharing and Reuse Framework, will help create a climate of innovation in administrations, explains Szabolcs Szekacs, Programme Manager at the European Commission’s ISA Programme. “We hope this encourages public administration staff members to take an active role.”

“The goal is to reduce costs, increase efficiency and foster interoperability of ICT systems”, Mr Szekacs adds, “leading to improved eGovernment services that boost Europe’s digital economy.”

Leading examples

Europe already has many good examples of public administrations that share and reuse ICT solutions. This includes e-Bourgogne, facilitating the administrations in the eponymous French region to share the procurement of ICT services. The past years, the project has even attracted public administrations in Germany, Italy and Belgium.

In Spain the government's Centre for Technology Transfer maintains a succesful repository for ICT solutions. And in Belgium’s IMIO project, 150 public administrations in the Walloon Region are pooling their ICT solutions and services. Similar pooling of resources for software development or ICT services can be found in Norway, Sweden and the Netherlands, Germany and Switzerland.

Next steps

The deadline for submitting comments on the Sharing and Reuse Framework is 29 June. The results of this survey will available in July; publication of the final version of the recommendations is foreseen later this year.


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