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Israel ICT authority to share open source solutions


Israel’s Government ICT Authority has shared its first open source software: extensions to the CKAN open data repository system to help make it usable in Hebrew, for example by providing Hebrew translations for CKAN’s contact form.

The ICT Authority’s extensions are available on GitHub.

Last month, the organisation published their source code after being contacted by open source advocate Lior Kaplan. The consultant warned he would take legal action if the authority failed to adhere to CKAN’s open source licence requirement to publish modifications. Kaplan encouraged the agency to use a Git repository to publish their extensions alongside the CKAN source.

“Beyond congratulating the Israeli ICT authority for their steps forward and the satisfaction of our insisting on them became fruitful, we would like to see the repository get updated on a regular basis,” Kaplan writes.

Share and reuse

According to Israeli press reports, the ICT Authority started working on an open source policy in March this year. The policy, prepared with the help of the ministry of Finance, should make it easier for public services to share their source code with other software developers, in Israel and abroad. “It will allow us to contribute to the IT market and the entire economy”, IT news site The Marker/technation quotes Yair Frank, head of the ICT Authority, as saying.

Frank reaffirmed the ICT Authority’s promotion of open source at the Citizen 360 conference in Jerusalem on 8 November.

Israel is one of the “Digital" 5” digitally advanced governments that aim to work together on common projects and boost their digital economies. The D5 emphasise the need for government technology to be based on open standards and open source.

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