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‘Keep the Internet open,’ EU representatives urge


The EU should work against fragmentation and polarisation of the Internet, European Commissioner Mariya Gabriel and seven members of the European Parliament said in a statement at the Internet Governance Forum 2017 in Geneva last week. The Internet should be improved to be inclusive, transparent, and trustworthy, the politicians said.

“Net neutrality is a code value for the European Union, and one that we will continue to implement for the good of all Internet users,” the politicians said. “The Internet is a common good for humanity that can drive improvements in society and the economy. Building and maintaining an open, transparent and inclusive system of Internet governance will help to ensure these benefits for all.”

At the Internet Governance Forum 2017 conference (IGF) last week, European Commissioner for Digital Economy and Society Mariya Gabriel and MEPs pushed for countries’ continued support for the IGF, calling it “an important platform to exchange views and recent developments.”

The annual meeting “contributes to raising the level of inclusiveness in discussions and enriches the debate by bringing in European perspectives,” the politicians said.

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At the IGF, the European Commission also presented its Next Generation Internet initiative. This new, EUR 42 million, EU fund for Internet technology research recently published its first rounds of calls for projects. In February, the NGI will also be presented at Fosdem, Europe’s largest meeting of free software developers.

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