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Interoperability suite of information: new NIFO factsheets


The National Interoperability Framework Observatory (NIFO) community has published an updated series of European countries interoperability factsheets and analytical models on the Joinup platform. The documents provide the latest information on implementation and monitoring of the National Interoperability Frameworks and interoperability initiatives.


Every year, the NIFO community gathers data on the progress made by EU countries in the field of interoperability. When making this annual snapshot, the three following aspects are in focus:

-      Alignment of National Interoperability Frameworks (NIFs) with the current version of the European Interoperability Framework (EIF);

-      Implementation of the NIF into concrete national projects;

-      Monitoring of NIF elements as part of the overall national interoperability approach.


To offer a quick-read overview of national situations, spider web diagrams are embedded in the documents. An additional value of the factsheets is the identification of national specific examples of NIFs alignment, implementation and monitoring. Also, a comparison of multiple (up to 4) national statuses is offered by the Compare NIFs tool.


The documents are a unique source of information for professionals with interest in interoperability. The factsheets can offer those fresh ideas and the possibility to identify interesting practices


This 2016 update is the last one in line with the current version of the EIF. In the future, a new integrated monitoring system will be developed. This system will report on the implementation of the new European Interoperability Framework, and in particular its Interoperability Action Plan. The new EIF will be adopted shortly.


In addition to the present publication of the factsheets, a new version of the State of Play report will be published in the coming weeks on the NIFO Community platform. This document allows readers to build a systematic view on interoperability at the European level and gives extra-details on multi-annual evolution of national interoperability statuses.


NIFO is a project supported by the European Commission's ISA² programme delivering IT solutions for European public administrations, citizens and businesses. It assists EU countries in monitoring the take-up of eGovernment and interoperability.


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