Ireland submits its second ac…

Ireland submits its second action plan for consultation


In mid-November, a public consultation was opened to allow civil society in Ireland to review and comment on the draft of the country’s second OGP National Action Plan.  The 15-day consultation was opened until November 30 on and aimed at collecting comments to help the Irish government to build the action plan for 2016 – 2018.

This draft is the result of a collaborative process with civil society and follows a consultative period which helped collect ideas and commitments. An online portal was deployed “to reach as many people as possible, encourage discussion, and inspire a sense of community”, the document states. Civic forums were also held “to obtain further input and insight from civil society”. Feedback and recommended actions were then collected and analysed, and then compiled in a first draft that was opened to comments.

In its initial form, this second action plan comprises fifteen commitments across four main themes: “Increased Citizen Engagement, to improve policies and services”; “Increased Transparency, to better understand government activities and decisions”; “Anti-Corruption and Strengthened Governance and Accountability, to ensure integrity in public life”.

Commitments listed in the draft are:

  • Promote Transparent Climate Policy Development;
  • Support Public Participation Networks;
  • Improve Access To Justice;
  • Enhance Citizen Engagement in Policy Making;
  • Enhance Customer Engagement;
  • Improve Access To Government Services Through Technology;
  • Participatory Budgeting;
  • Improve Transparency of Government Service Providers;
  • Enhance Fiscal Transparency;
  • Introduce Modern Document Management Procedures;
  • Develop an Open Data Strategy 2017-2020;
  • Invest in Data Infrastructure that will result in better Open Data;
  • Develop a Code of Practice for the Governance of Charities;
  • Strengthen Anti-Corruption Measures;
  • Establish a Register of Beneficial Ownership.

These actions can now be modified according to comments and suggestions.

An Implementation Review Forum will take place in April 2017 to assess how contributions from citizens are about to be implemented, the document said.

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