Italy submits its third NAP f…

Italy submits its third NAP for public consultation


On July 15, the Italian government opened a two-month public consultation on actions developed in its third National Action Plan (NAP).

The consultation is accessible until August 31 on a dedicated website, People can now leave their comments directly on the website.

The proposals for the third National Action Plan of Italy were also drafted through a collaborative process, initiated on an Open Government Forum. “The creation of the Open Government Forum responded to the desire to overcome the limits of the previous two Italian OGP action plans”, the Italian government said on the OGP’s website.

The process, started in June 2016, involved public administrations and over 50 organisations, including associations, research centres, universities and professional associations. In total, 33 proposals were developed.

These proposals are divided into three categories: transparency and open data; participation and accountability; and digital citizenship and innovation. New actions (and those already taken) are all accompanied by a timeline.

“The cooperation with civil society has provided suggestions and tangible proposals on many issues: the implementation of the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), the involvement of civil society in the Public System for Digital Identity Management (SPID, Sistema Pubblico per la gestione dell'Identità Digitale di cittadini e imprese), the increased publication and use of public data, cooperation between start-ups and public administration, and the role of young people at the forefront of innovation process”, Marianna Madia, Minister of Public Administration and Simplification, said in a letter announcing the public consultation – which was published on the OGP’s website.

Now that it has been drafted, the plan is being submitted for public consultation with the implementation phase set to start in September. The Italian government wants the preliminary results of the planned actions to be presented at the OGP Paris Summit, next December.

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