Italy’s Trento province to bo…

Italy’s Trento province to boost open source in schools


The autonomous province of Trento (Italy) is revitalising its promotion of the use of free and open source software in education. In the coming months, the province will provide schools with training on free software and open standards.

In July, the province’s Institute for Educational Research (Istituto provinciale per la ricerca e la sperimentazione educativa, IPRASE) teamed up with LibreItalia, an organisation advocating the use of free software and open standards, in particular the use of the LibreOffice suite of office productivity tools.

The province wants to encourage the sharing and reuse of open educational resources, and that includes the use of free and open source software, IPRASE explains in a joint announcement with LibreItalia. Promoting a culture of openness in schools provides the foundation for digital citizenship, Luciano Covi, director of IPRASE, is quoted as saying.

LibreItalia will help with free software training, seminars and workshops. The association will also be using the LibreOffice e-learning course, which is already being used to train staff at Italy’s Ministry of Defence.

LibreItalia expects to soon sign a similar agreement with Italy’s Ministry of Education.

More information:

Joint announcement by IPRASE and LibreItalia (in Italian)

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