Joinup has entered a public t…

Joinup has entered a public testing period

Since November 8, all SEMIC asset agents have been invited to test Joinup, the new collaborative platform of the European Commission. As of today, it is also open to the general public. Users are free to test all functionalities and verify if the existing semantic assets and communities have been migrated correctly.

In December 2011, the ISA Programme of the European Commission will launch Joinup, a new online platform integrating SEMIC.EU and OSOR. Joinup will provide better integrated collaboration and communication tools for the communities, software, and semantic assets hosted on SEMIC.EU and OSOR.

A pre-release of the new platform has now been made available and can be tested by all interested users for a limited time only. All software and semantic asset projects from OSOR and SEMIC have been temporarily copied to this pre-release version.

Users are invited to share their feedback through an online survey by 21 November. Development will continue after the go-live of Joinup, so this is a unique opportunity to provide feedback and influence the future features and look-and-feel of this platform.

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