Making an online survey? Try…

Making an online survey? Try EUSurvey with upgraded features!


The European Commission has released a new version of its multilingual online survey software EUSurvey. The enhanced OSS version makes it easier to create and edit questionnaires thanks to new useful features.

It comes up with an improved editor that offers the selection and editing of several elements at once. You can cut, copy, paste and delete selected elements, also move them up and down. Dependent questions can be added by using the visibility feature; 'Undo' and 'Redo' buttons are now available, as well as a navigation bar to easily scroll through the survey.

The new version also provides a dedicated reporting server for background tasks such as archiving, restoring and computation of statistics. This will help improve the performance of these tasks.

For the full list of new enhancements, consult the EUSurvey v1.4.0.1 release note and the EUSurvey editor guide, available in the EUSurvey communications section on JOINUP.

More information about the EUSurvey OSS software is available at

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