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Slovak eGovernment portal ‘increasingly popular’


More and more citizens in the Slovak Republic are using their government-provided electronic mailboxes, according to the country’s Agency for Network and Electronic Services, NASES. The mailbox system is part of the central eGovernment portal Last year, the number of citizens accessing their mailboxes almost tripled, NASES said.

In 2018 NASES will add new functionality to the portal, including handling payments and a solution for managing government-related electronic documents. The agency will also add new features to the mailbox system.

Last year, the portal handled some 30 million messages, NASES reported, doubling the number sent in 2016. Growth was to be expected: since the summer, use of the portal has been mandatory for companies and organisations that need to communicate with public sector organisations. This change in the law helped to increase the number of companies that activated their government-supplied mailboxes from 32,000 to over 276,000.

The eGovernment portal is to become Slovakia’s access point for electronic central government services. In addition, the platform’s mailbox systems will provide the main mechanism for electronic communication between government and citizens. The portal aggregates information on topics including social services, healthcare, land registry, and how to register a business.

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