New Paper Published: Towards…

New Paper Published: Towards Open Government Metadata

The European Commission promotes Open Government Metadata as an important facilitator and enabler for semantic interoperability amongst the Member States.

Governmental agencies are considered to be the most significant data owners and providers inmodern societies. The sheer volume and wealth of this data makes apparent the potential benefits of reusing, combining, and processing governmental data. However, administrations typically express reluctance to make their data and metadata (information about the data) available, for various cultural, political, legal, institutional and technical reasons. They keep data and metadata within their legacy systems, fenced and isolated.

Interestingly, and despite the clear move towards Open Data, there is currently very little
discussion, if any, on Open Government Metadata. The paper "Towards Open Government Metadata" gives an overview of the challenges and recommendations for future actions from ISA's prespective.

For more information see:
Towards Open Government Metadata: PDF, 0.1 MB

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