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Open Government Partnership has its first annual meeting


On 17 and 18 April the Open Government Partnership’s (OGP) will hold its annual meeting in Brazil (one of the founding and chairing countries), focusing on challenging members to deliver their promises and aiming on recognizing new commitments to openness that incoming countries have made.

During this meeting, over 400 delegates, including representatives from civil society organizations and some world leader representatives, will discuss and share thoughts on the latest reforms, tools and innovations in the domain of open government, sharing their own experiences from their country. This should show that openness of government can save lives, drive economic growth and reduce widespread corruption around the world. The meeting is also a nice opportunity to bring new countries in the community of people striving for openness of government.

Besides the annual meeting, also an innovation village will be open (on 17 April), featuring more than 30 different innovative tools and projects from the Latin America and Caribbean region that relate to the OGP’s challenges.

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