Open source advocates press G…

Open source advocates press Greek regions to use open technologies


Greek regional administrations should consider open technologies, including software and data, when drafting their next regional management plans, argues Eel/lak, a Greek open source advocacy organisation founded by 25 universities and research centres. The advocacy group last week sent a letter to the authorities of all thirteen Greek regions, explaining the advantages of this technology.

"Open data and open technologies offer chances to new forms of collaboration. They enable citizens and organisations to participate in regional projects. They make possible new business, both locally and internationally." By adapting a more cooperative model, the group says, public administrations create the conditions that increase the skills of local workforce, offer opportunities to youth and strengthen social cohesion.

Eel/lak says these are all important arguments, that can be used by the regions to apply for national and European funding in the coming six years. "Regions must show how they support citizens participation in planning and implementation of policies, activities and services. This is a crucial element as it will be the key to funding local and regional actions by the European Commission."

Greece's regions are drafting plans for the next six years, and Eel/lak wants to make sure their plans include free software and open data. The organisation hopes to create a resource centre on these open technologies.

In their document, the organisation recommends regional authorities to contact and to support local open source groups and Internet activists. These enthusiasts can help the public administrations understand this type of software solution, and even result in introducing or develop such applications.

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