Open source to extend Finland…

Open source to extend Finland's municipal shared services centre


Kuntien Tiera, shared IT service provider founded two years ago by Finnish cities and municipalities, is basing a majority of its online services on free and open source software. "It is a very important step for us", comments Kari Syrjärinne, business area manager at Kuntien Tiera.

The two firms announced their agreement earlier this month.

Syrjärinne explains that Finnish municipalities can use the hosted software solutions to provide citizens on-line access to common municipal services. "Instead of having to send a letter, write an email or visit the municipal offices, citizens can access these services online. This will really help to modernise Finland's municipal services."

According to Petri Lillberg, the CEO of Proactum, examples include allowing citizens to apply online for temporary income support, registering their children for daycare or reserving a space for their boat in the municipal marina. "We're planning about a hundred such services."

He explains that Proactum will implement its eBusiness solution, built on top of open source software, for Kuntien Terra. "That means that most of the Finnish municipalities will be implementing online services using these tools."

The eBusiness suite is built on the Liferay and Alfresco open source content management systems and uses Tomcat, Jboss and Geronimo application servers, Jasper, a Java-based reporting tool and Mysql, an open source relational database management system.

The company has provided many portals based on Liferay to the Finnish public sector.

No preference
Kuntien Terra is one of the steering group members of the Finnish Centre for Open Source Solutions.

Asked to describe how important open source is for Kuntien Terra, the organisation replies that is does not have a preference. "In case the business requirements and processes are not yet stabilized and a lot of changes are expected in the future, open source might be preferred since it provides more agility for us."

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