Open source gets 'major role…

Open source gets 'major role in Future Internet'


Open source software solutions will play a major role in Internet development research projects that are funded by the European Commission, says Federico Facca a computer scientist involved in the EC's XIFI project, preparing large-scale test infrastructures for a next generation Internet and smart-cities. "XIFI is committed to open source."

XIFI builds on top of solutions that are developed by the FI-WARE project, which is also funded by the EC. Many of FI-WARE's tools are already available as open source, and Facca expects that most of the others will follow suit. In FI-WARE, researchers are working on solutions to manage large scale computer networks, and developing tools and services related to the 'Internet of Things', where all kinds of objects, sensors and services become connected and automated.

A first example of FI-WARE tools is the IaaS Data Center Resource Management (DCRM), developed by Intel and IBM, for managing large numbers of virtual machines. A second example is BigData Analysis, allowing the processing of large amounts of data. The software is developed on top of Apache Hadoop, open source storage cluster solution. Researchers also extended Mirantis Fuel, which makes it easier to deploy OpenStack clouds.

Transparent clouds

The researchers are also allowing cloud solutions to be tested, by offering access to a test cloud, called FI-LAB, running on OpenStack. "This open source cloud-computing platform is the market reference", says Facca.

We not only build open source solutions, we also want to contribute to the community, says computer scientist Facca. "Our solutions need to be taken up by the community. We hope our work to become part of the main open source cloud projects."

XIFI researchers will be present at the First European Conference on the Future Internet, which will take place in Brussels, Belgium, on 2 and 3 April 2014.


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