Open source at half EU Point…

Open source at half EU Point of Single Contact


Of the 31 Points of Single Contacts (PSCs) run by the member states of the European Union, at least 17 use open source solutions such as web server Apache and operating system Linux, a quick site check of the web sites shows.

A simple query to each of the PSC web sites shows that the most-used web server is Apache web server, used by 14 member states. The United Kingdom and Lithuania are both using Nginx and the PSC in Bulgaria is using Glassfish. The other 14 PSC are using various proprietary web servers. Netcraft's online web server analysis tool shows that all the sites that use Apache are most likely on hosts running Linux.

The source code of some of the PSCs sites reveal that they use common open source content management systems. For example Wordpress is used in for the PSC in Hungary and Liferay is used in Finland. Poland uses Joomla for its PSC and Slovenia implements Typo3. Drupal is used by France, Malta and the Netherlands.


Single market

Hosting a Point of Single Contacts is one of the requirements of the European Union's Service Directive. The sites provide information about the prerequisites for doing business in a country. The EU law aims to establish a single market for services. The directive came into force at the end of 2009.

PSC open source solutions Apache, Linux Apache, Linux GlassFish Server Apache (Ubuntu), Wordpress Apache (Red Hat), Linux, Linux Apache (Red Hat), Linux Apache, Linux, Drupal Apache, Linux, Apache-Coyote Apache, Linux Linux nginx, Linux, Apache, Linux Apache, Linux, Drupal Apache, Linux, Drupal Apache, Linux, Joomla Linux Apache, Linux, Typo3 Apache, Linux nginx

The urls in the above table were taken from the EC's Internal Market website. The sites were then queried using Curl, showing some information about the type of web servers used. All sites were also fed into Netcrafts's web server analysis tool. The table does not list any of the proprietary solutions.


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