Over 40,000 mobile phone ID u…

Over 40,000 mobile phone ID users in Portugal


Portugal’s Chave Móvel Digital (Digital Mobile Key) is now used by more than 40,000 citizens, reports the Agency for Administrative Modernisation (AMA). This authentication method for eGovernment services, combining a PIN code and a one-time security number sent by SMS or email, was introduced by AMA in 2014.

With Chave Móvel Digital, AMA offers an alternative authentication method for citizens and foreigners that do not have a eID card, or for those that do not have access to an eID card reader.

To start using the Digital Mobile Key, users have to first register, either by authenticating themselves online using their eID card, or by identifying themselves with an ID card or passport at a public service desk. They can then register their mobile phone number and/or email address. Then, each time they use the service, they will receive a temporary security code.

A 2015 ePractice study mentions a target for the first phase of 200,000 users. The target was mentioned at a press conference in 2014. AMA has yet to respond to questions on whether the number of Chave Móvel Digital users is in line with expectations.

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