Poland to modernise eProcurem…

Poland to modernise eProcurement portal


The Polish Ministry of Digitisation and the Public Procurement Office have announced an overhaul of the national electronic procurement portal. The new portal is to take the entire procurement process online, taking into account European rules and technical solutions on procurement.

“The eProcurement Platform will ensure the completeness and consistency of public procurement information, enabling efficient and effective management and reporting, by collecting and sharing of data on the public procurement process”, the two public services write in an announcement.

In December last year, Poland joined the OpenPeppol association, which is responsible for developing and maintaining the Peppol (Pan-European Procurement Online) specifications and their associated building blocks, services and implementations. OpenPeppol aims to standardise procurement procedures, making them accessible electronically and across borders.

In addition, Poland’s Public Procurement Office in August announced the update of the country’s procurement law. The draft bill, which will be available for public consultation later this year, is expected to be proposed in the first half of 2018.

More information:

Announcement of the new portal, by the Ministry of Digitisation (in Polish)
Announcement of new procurement laws, by the Public Procurement Office (in Polish)

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