‘Policy reboot’

Experts: Sweden should set digitalisation targets


By setting targets, the Swedish government should prompt public services to speed up digitalisation, a government expert committee writes in its final report to the country’s Minister for Public Administration. Sweden needs a strategy for digitalisation and IT management, and should make clear its intentions on the modernisation of county councils and municipalities, the committee says.

“There must be a formal decision on what should be the government’s commitment towards a national digital infrastructure,” the Committee to Investigation the Effective Control of National Digital Services writes in its report.

Sweden has already started various initiatives that focus on digital policies and evaluate earlier approaches, the committee writes in its summary of the report. “This is a kind of reboot of digitalisation policy.” “Now the government needs to set up a distinct process to prepare and evaluate digital initiatives.”

The committee also urges the government to redouble its efforts to build a national system for electronic ID and electronic transactions, and to make sure this technology works across the EU, as agreed by the Member States in the eIDAS regulation. “Sweden should actively participate in the European projects to achieve cross-border use of eID,” the committee writes.

In addition, the experts call on the Minister for Public Administration to improve the national government mailbox system Mina meddelanden, and work to improve IT security.

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Announcement by Digitalt Först (in Swedish)

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