Portuguese towns upgrade perm…

Portuguese towns upgrade permit management system


Nine more municipalities in Portugal have implemented the latest version of the Licenciamento Zero (Zero Licensing) software which makes it easier for companies to apply for business permits, according to the country's Agency for Administrative Modernisation (AMA). The new version sends automatic permit request updates to the applicant, municipality and other government agencies involved.

The software lets companies register, modify and close their business registration and apply for permits online. The new version makes it easier to use online payments for permit applications, calculating the costs and providing the applicant with the required reference numbers.

There are now 37 municipalities that use the latest version of the Licenciamento Zero, AMA said in an announcement on 3 September, in which it listed the municipalities. "LZ boosts the responsiveness of public administrations, meets the needs of citizens and companies, and increases speed and efficiency while reducing costs", AMA quotes José Ferreira, mayor of Moimenta da Beira, one of the new town implementing the update, as saying.

Permitting businesses

The LZ project aims to reduce the complexity of government regulation, AMA writes. "It is a public service of the highest quality, meeting the needs of public administration, increasing openness, and is easy to use by entrepreneurs."

In March, the Portuguese government extended Licenciamento Zero to trade, services and the hospitality and catering sectors.

AMA started to develop the software after the approval in 2011 of a new licensing scheme for shops, restaurants, cafés and other services. Large establishments, and commercial complexes such as malls remain outside the scheme.


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