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Belgium’s Wallonia links digitisation champions


Belgium’s Walloon region is building a network of digitalisation champions to boost the region’s digital modernisation drive. Strengthening ties between ICT experts in the region is one of the actions included in the region’s digital strategy.

Last week, the first one hundred “Digital Wallonia Champions" were presented at an event in Namur, the region’s capital.

The network has a mission, explains André Blavier, Digital Sector Program Leader at Digital Wallonia and one of the event organisers. Its members must promote digitalisation, help advance the Walloon region’s digital strategy, and bring fresh ideas into the region’s plans.

Screenshot from the Digital Champions website

From the announcement of the “Digital Wallonia Champions”:

“Digital is a strategic priority for the redeployment of the Walloon economy, the attractiveness of the regional territory and the well-being of citizens. Digital Wallonia embodies Wallonia's desire to meet the challenges of digital transformation and capture the benefits for all.”

Digital Wallonia aims to grow the network and to sign up others who support the digital development of the region.

More information:

Digital Champions announcement (in French)

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