Questionnaire: ICT procuremen…

Questionnaire: ICT procurement based on standards


Dear Sir or Madam,

as part of the Project "Best practices for ICT procurement based on standards in order to promote efficiency and reduce lock-in" UNIT F2 (Innovation) of DG CONNECT is currently trying to raise awareness about the ICT "lock-in" theme.


DG CONNECT, with the support of PwC, is currently trying to identify procurement practices that European Public entities (like yours) may put in place when procuring ICT products & services to:

  • Reduce or avoid ICT lock-in
  • Achieve higher savings when procuring ICT
  • Increase the competition among ICT suppliers

Do you know any procurement practice you would like to share?



Just TAKE THE SURVEY answering the following 25 questions to the best of your knowledge. It will take 10 minutes of your time and you will be a part of the EC fight against ICT lock-in.



- Start date: 1 Feb 2015

- End date: 31 Mar 2015

City/Location: Brussels

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