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13 April 2017
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Sharing and reuse of IT solutions should become the default for the EU’s public administrations, said Mário Campolargo, Deputy Director General for the Directorate General of Informatics (DIGIT) of the...

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Public administrations feel no need for interoperability, since the vast majority is using the same office suite, finds Andreas Kawohl, project leader on open standards at the IT department at the cit ...

News | Created by Gijs Hillenius | Published: 28 July 2011


A list aiming to help programmers combine open source components that have different open source licences was published earlier this week on the OSOR website. The list is intended especially to help d ...

News | Created by Gijs Hillenius | Published: 27 July 2011


A new case study has been published explaining why the publication of e-Government metadata on the Web is an important enabler for semantic interoperability. A new case study on the Asset Description ...

News | Created by Former User | Published: 07 July 2011


On 31 May 2011, the National Open Source Observatory (Onfsa) of Spain's National Reference Centre for the promotion and dissemination of open source-based ICT (Cenatic) set up the first-ever datab ...

News | Created by Osor Editorial Team | Published: 06 July 2011


On July 1st the first wave of SPOCS Pilots will go live. The aim of the SPOCS pilots is to show that the building blocks developed within SPOCS composing its interoperability layer indeed do function ...

News | Created by Stijn Goedertier | Published: 30 June 2011


Cenia, the Czech Republic's Environmental Information Agency, is relying on a broad variety of open source solutions, says its director Jiří Hradec. "To provision services that help us ...

News | Created by Gijs Hillenius | Published: 28 June 2011


With this specification of the Asset Description Metadata Schema (ADMS), European repositories come one step closer to federation. Prototype about to be released As a proof-of-concept, SEMIC.EU will ...

News | Created by Former User | Published: 09 May 2011


Europass invites all individuals who have developed open source tools related to Europass and its services to contribute them to the repository and link them to this Community. This way we co ...

News | Created by Eleni Kargioti | Published: 08 March 2011


The city administration of Helsinki is to begin a small-scale open source desktop pilot, following a resolution by the city council. The proposal to consider a complete open source desktop came from ...

News | Created by Gijs Hillenius | Published: 28 January 2011


CIRCABC (Communication and Information Resource Centre for Administrations, Businesses and Citizens) is a collaborative solution allowing to create collaborative workspaces where communities of users ...

News | Created by Mounir Marzouk | Published: 27 August 2010


The Guideline on public procurement of Open Source Software, was revised in June 2010. The latest version includes references to recent procurement policies developed by Spain and Malta and to this ye ...

News | Created by Gijs Hillenius | Published: 21 August 2010