Romania builds exchange for d…

Romania builds exchange for data and documents


In May, Romania began the development of an eDelivery AccessPoint, an electronic exchange for data and documents that makes it easier for public services, companies and citizens to transmit and receive records, including across borders. The system will be linked to the European Union’s core data exchange.

The project, supervised by Romania’s Agency for the Digital Agenda (AADR), will receive EUR 371,010 in co-funding through the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF).

The project will tie together national and European systems through generic and standardised services, AADR writes: “The project should integrate Romania into the Access Points network.”

The CEF eDelivery building block comprises reusable specifications, software and services that help public services build communication nodes that can handle data exchange across a wide variety of IT systems. The Access Point Software implements standardised protocol for data exchange.

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Announcement by AADR

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