Scotland, Paris, Madrid and T…

Scotland, Paris, Madrid and Tbilisi all selected for OGP pilot programme


Paris (France), Madrid (Spain) Scotland and Tbilisi (Georgia) are among the fifteen regions and cities selected to be pioneers in the OGP’s Subnational Government Pilot Programme.

This programme, the idea for which emerged in 2015, has been designed by the global institution to bring open government principles into closer alignment with the everyday interests of citizens.

“OGP is tapping into a growing desire from governments who are looking for new ways to interact with citizens, build trust in government and harness the opportunities provided by new technologies to improve the lives of all citizens,” Sanjay Pradhan, OGP CEO said in a statement.

“Improved visibility of the types of open government initiatives happening at all levels of government will help OGP to better serve not just subnational but national level governments as well. Many innovations and open government reforms are happening at the local level”, OGP explained on its website.

The above-mentioned regions were selected from among almost 50 applicants; those chosen for this programme have already distinguished themselves by recognising that open and responsive governments are better governments, OGP added.

Others regions and cities are: Austin (US); Buenos Aires (Argentina); Jalisco (Mexico); La Libertad (Peru); Ontario, (Canada); Sao Paulo (Brazil); Egeyo-Marakwet County (Kenya); Kigoma Municipality (Tanzania); Sekondi-Takoradi (Ghana); Bojonegoro, (Indonesia); and Seoul (Korea).

Build an open government programme

Selected pioneers of this programme are about to collaborate with a network of reformers created by OGP, and will be helped by OGP to build their own open government programme. Civil society is included in the design process. IRM (OGP’s Independent Reporting Mechanism) will support projects by assessing the implementation of these commitments and holding the governments to account for their progress.

The end of the pilot period has been scheduled for the end 2017. Then, “OGP’s Steering Committee will review how each of these elements of the pilot have worked and decide what the ongoing role for subnational governments should be”, OGP said.

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