SGI 2015 Survey: evidence-bas…

SGI 2015 Survey: evidence-based country comparisons

The 2015 edition of the Sustainable Governance Indicators study is the first edition that uses an annually updated evidence-based analysis. The SGI 2015 overview, published in July, provides insight into the management performance of EU Member States.

The SGI study 2015 is published by the Bertelsmann Foundation, a German think tank promoting good governance and sustainable development. It is the fourth edition of the study, the first Sustainable Governance Indicators were published in 2009.

“The SGI project seeks to identify structural and procedural challenges to sustainable policy formulation and implementation while comparing management competences and shortcomings”, the introduction to the study says. “Doing so, the SGI contributes to a factual and data-driven debate on good governance and sustainable policy outcomes.”

The results presented in the 2015 Overview document are also published interactively online, displaying countries’ performance on economic, social and environmental policies, quality of democracy, executive capacity and executive accountability. Considering these together, the three top performing EU Member States are Sweden, Denmark and Finland. The countries with the the lowest performance are Greece, Cyprus and Croatia.

“What is striking is the very good performance of Estonia, which ranks seventh in the Policy Performance Index, immediately succeeding Germany”, the think tank researchers write. “The country’s sustainable budgetary policy and excellent education system are the main reasons for this good ranking. Likewise in the Governance Index, the northern European countries are far in the lead.”


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