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Denmark seeks comments on digitalisation guidelines


Denmark is welcoming comments on three draft guidelines related to government digitalisation. The documents for the “Fællesoffentlige Digitale Arkitektur” (Joint Public Digital Architecture, FDA) were drafted by the Agency for Digitisation (Digitaliseringsstyrelsen - DIGST) and two regional and municipal government organisations: Danske Regioner and KL.

The first guideline describes an IT architecture for data sharing between public services. The second document outlines best practice for the design, specification and documentation of public sector web services. The third draft concerns Denmark’s adaptation, translation and localisation of commonly used data standards.

For the first guideline, comments can be submitted until 2 February. Feedback on the other two guidelines can be given until 15 March.

Through the joint FDA project, DIGST, Danske Regioner and KL aim to structure the way data is shared between public services. For each of the guidelines a comment template is available. FDA’s primary target group includes public sector IT architects and IT project managers working on data sharing.

More information:

Announcement on the Fællesoffentlige Digitale Arkitektur website (in Danish)

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