‘Small steps’

Bulgaria organises its first eGovernment hackathon


Last weekend, the first hackathon co-organised by Bulgaria’s State e-Government Agency (SEGA) took place in Sofia. Such events can encourage public services to work with citizens and software companies to build eGovernment services, the agency said.

Addressing the hackathon participants, SEGA’s Deputy Chairman Alexander Yolovski said the agency aims to support the development of projects that benefit citizens, businesses and public services. Hacktathons can also help show public services the right technology solutions, Mr Yolovksi said.

“It is by taking small steps, and not large projects, that we can make eGovernment work,” the agency quoted the Deputy Chairman as saying in an announcement published on Monday.

The hackathon was organised together with Sloth Works, an online IT employment portal.

SEGA's Hackathon announcement, on Twitter

SEGA’s first hackathon managed to attract 19 participants, divided over six teams. Each team was accompanied by government IT and eGovernment specialists. Projects for this hackathon included software that can predict air pollution, a generic editor for public registers, and machine processing of legal texts. The winning project, developed by three engineering students at the Technical University, Sofia (TU-Sofia), involved an application that can help mitigate phone fraud.

All projects are to be made public on GitHub, and published as open source using the MIT licence.

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