Spain distributes under EUPL

Web Accessibility Observatory Tracker tool released under EUPL

The OAW Tracker is the tool that allows the Government of Spain perform the different iterations of the Web Accessibility Observatory (OAW) and the usage of the online diagnostic service available from the Accessibility Community . The OAW Tracker allows the accessibility verification of a website and generates the automatic reports taking in consideration almost 100 check-points implemented in the platform, and also provide recommendations about how to solve the detected problems.

The accessibility review of the OAW is performed by an automatic methodology based on the UNEIX 139803:2012 (WCAG 2.0) standard , developed specifically for the Web Accessibility Observatory. This methodology takes into account 20 accessibility checks. Each main check is composed by many sub-checks (about 100) that are automatically executed.

The OAW Tracker allows the configurations of all the needed parameters to perform one observatory iteration (list of web portals, number of web pages per portal, methodology, frequency, etc.) and also allows to perform and to review all the execution process. Furthermore, it allows the generation of conclusions reports providing the needed results, to obtain an overall view of accessibility overall view in a specific sector and to obtain detailed reports for each web portal, detailing the list of all existing issues.

In addition, the OAW Tracker is used by the online diagnostic service available in the Accessibility Community in order to obtain an estimation, under demand, of which will be the results in an official iteration, ease the future correction and comparison of the possible errors present in the web portal.

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