Spain’s new eInvoice tool han…

Spain’s new eInvoice tool handles over a million invoices


Spain’s central eInvoicing solution (FACe), which began operating in January, has already processed more than 1,2 million invoices, reports CTT, (Centro de Transferencia de Technologica) a centre for technology transfer.

CTT has developed the FACe (Gestión de Facturación Electrónica) eInvoicing solution to help the country’s public administrations manage their invoices electronically. In Spain, eInvoicing has been mandatory for public administrations since 15 January. Central state public administrations must use FACe, but it is offered as a service also to regional and local public administrations.

CTT on 30 April announced that so far, 3,066 departments in 16 of Spain’s 17 autonomous regions have chosen to use FACe. The solution is also used by the autonomous cities of Ceuta and Melilla. The central tool is also used by towns and villages, writes CTT. It has signed up 6521 local authorities, with 5802 of them already managing electronic invoices using FACe. And all across the central government ministries, FACe is used; 3316 units can receive invoices from the 868 bodies of the General Administration of State. Furthermore, the software is used by 34 universities.

As a result of these efforts, Spain hopes to reduce the time spent on invoicing by 80 per cent.

FACe is a centrally managed web service, running on the Linux operating system.


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