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Sweden to update open source framework agreement


The Swedish National Procurement Services is preparing new framework agreements for software and services, including open source software and cloud services. This year, and for the first time, the agency is making available English translations of the general as well as special legal conditions.

IT companies who are interested in being included in the framework agreements have until 11 January 2018 to submit their bids.

On Sunday, the organisation published the first three new calls for tender: respectively for the supply of licenses, software solutions, and system development. In January it will publish two more proposals: one for information management, the other for software related to healthcare, education and welfare.

The framework agreements are scheduled to run from 2019 to 2023. Sales under these agreements total approximately SEK 8 billion (about EUR 800 million).

The framework agreements make it easier for public services to award contracts to IT companies. The National Procurement Services, part of Sweden’s legal, financial and administrative services agency Kammarkollegiet, takes care of preparation, definition of contract terms, and in this case, selection of the main IT service providers and software products. Public sector organisations then use these framework agreements by organising mini-competitions between the selected companies.


By making available English translations of the ‘General Conditions’ and ‘Special Conditions’ Kammarkollegiet hopes to encourage non-Swedish companies to provide their software, cloud services and consulting services to the Swedish public sector.

The ‘Special Conditions for Open Source Software’ makes clear what is expected of companies when implementing or developing open source for public services. This also helps public sector organisations, who do not need to worry about, for example, how to make sure their code contributions are shared with the upstream developers.

The general and special legal conditions will be available on the National Procurement Services website in early January. With permission OSOR is making them available here.

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