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Study: Organisation’s understanding impacts IT projects


How much management and staff understand IT has a major influence on public administration’s large IT projects, writes Denmark’s ‘Government IT Project Council’ (Statens IT-projektråd). In its progress report on large IT projects, the Council recommends that public administrations improve project execution and project management competencies.

Cover of the IT council's bi-annual reportOne option would be to enhance the qualifications of the project steering committees, the IT-projektråd explains.

“This places high demands on top management, and it is the council's assessment that there is still great potential associated with strengthening top management competences in this field”, the Council writes in its biannual progress report on 24 large IT projects. The IT-projektråd says it will help authorities hone their IT skills.


Professional steering committee

One example of a public administration that focusses on the IT skills of its staff members and management is the Agency for IT and Learning, the Council writes. “The agency has established a professional steering committee for all IT projects. The quality of the work and management of the project is enhanced when time and resources are devoted to improving the skills of top-management.”

A second example is the Danish Defence Personnel Organisation, where management is actively approached to sit on the steering committees of IT projects.

Since its inception in 2011, the IT-projektråd has evaluated 63 large IT projects. For the second half of 2015, the council looked at 24 such projects. Using traffic light colours to report on progress, delays and expected returns just one of the 24 projects is red, three are yellow and the remaining 20 are green.


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