Study: Points of Single Conta…

Study: Points of Single Contact ‘perform mediocre’

The performance of Europe’s Points of Single Contact is mediocre, according to a study commissioned by the EC and published on 29 June. All PSCs score about average in an evaluation of the quality and availability of information. Similarly, tests of their online administrative procedures and the accessibility for cross-border users show the PSC are falling short of their goal.

The study recommends “zero tolerance for non-compliance”. “More than 5 years after the deadline for the implementation of the Services Directive, a considerable number of the PSC specific obligatory requirements are still not in place in the Member States. The Commission should now back up its ‘zero tolerance’ commitment with a more stringent approach, including the use of infringement procedures in cases of non-compliance”, the authors write.

The PSCs are intended to help companies to seize business opportunities in the EU Single Market. These eGovernment portals should provide companies with information on administrative requirements and access to electronic procedures. The portals are part of the Directive on services in the internal market, and are required in all EU Member States and European Economic Area members Norway, Iceland and Lichtenstein since 2009.

The June report concludes the first benchmark study of the EU’s PSCs. The performance tests consider four criteria:

  • quality and availability of information;
  • the availability of administrative procedures for online completion and the extent to which they can be completed online;
  • accessibility for cross-border users; and
  • usability

The four criteria were agreed upon by the Member States and the EC in 2013, noticing that setting up the PSCs proved to be challenging. “Still in 2012, most Member States were struggling to comply with the requirements of the Services Directive”, the researchers write.


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