Swedish municipalities to re-…

Swedish municipalities to re-use UK's 'fix my street' web application


Municipalities in Sweden will soon unveil their version of 'Fix My Street', a site where citizens can report problems with streets and roads, including potholes, broken sidewalks, graffiti and non-functioning lampposts. A pilot version of the site 'Fixa Min Gata' will become operational in March or April, the developers expect.

The service is developed by three organisations, but will be made available to all municipalities as a single, national service.

The project got support from the Swedish Agency for Innovation Systems in November last year. Investing 3 million kroner (about 380.000 euro) it is building a portal that can host, share and allows the re-use of electronic services like Fixa Min Gata. By running such applications from a 'cloud platform', the innovation agency aims to offer services that can be used by all municipalities.

A beta of Fix Min Gata was released last year. The service is jointly developed by Sambruk, Kivos and FFKP. Kivos is a network of mainly western Swedish municipalities promoting the use of free and open source software and open standards. Sambruk represents more than one hundred cooperating municipalities. It focusses on local e-government and business development. FFKP is a non-profit organisation that 'promotes a free society, built on free culture and free software'.

The three started working on Fix Min Gata in 2011. The site, still in beta, is running Debian Linux servers and uses the Apache open source web server.

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