Swedish towns pool resources…

Swedish towns pool resources for school standards


Ten towns in Sweden are pooling time and money to organise the selection of ICT standards used for school administration software. The municipalities are leading a consortium that includes commercial software vendors. It is the second time that the towns and ICT companies are working together to agree on ICT standards.

The current standardisation project is organised by Sambruk, an association of public administrations for the joint development of eGovernment services. The new ICT standard project should result in the provisioning of good, sustainable integration with different computer operating systems in use in schools.

In April 2018, the project should result in standards for school administrative systems, including:

  • registration of and communication on absentee students;
  • test results and results of national exams;
  • pre-school attendance;
  • eLearning; and
  • human resources.

The standards that are agreed upon should increase the interoperability of school administration systems, Sambruk writes.

The total costs for the project are SEK 400,000 (EUR 41,000). Sambruk will contribute SEK 110,000 (EUR 11,000), or SEK 11,000 (EUR 1,100) per town. If other towns join the project, the cost will be lower. The Sambruk organisation now represents 110 of the country’s 290 municipalities.

More information:

Sambruk announcement (in Swedish)

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