Ten thousand join EC's projec…

Ten thousand join EC's project on sharing and reuse of IT solutions


Joinup, the European Commission's project on the sharing and reuse of software solutions for public administrations, involving open source and semantic assets, now has ten thousand users. "Each month, some three hundred users sign up. That is more than we had expected."

The ten thousandth 'active user' probably signed up yesterday.

Joinup was launched in December last year. It began as the merger of two predecessors projects, OSOR.eu, on open source, and SEMIC.eu, on semantic assets. The two project together added about six thousand users. In the past eleven months, over four thousand new users signed up for an account.

The passing of the milestone is a pleasant surprise for Aldo Laudi, project officer for the EC's ISA, the unit at the Directorate General for Informatics that is responsible for the Joinup project. "Getting a high number of users is not our main goal, but it does indicate that Joinup is moving in the right direction."

60,000 monthly visits
Joinup offers access to over four thousands open source software solutions developed for and by public administrations, including the European Commission. The site hosts 130 online communities, bringing together developers and other stakeholders on specific projects or topics related to sharing and reusing of public administration's software solutions. The site draws over 60,000 visitors every month. Laudi: "More users means that Joinup's projects will increasingly gain visibility."

Joinup's main target group are public administrations. Project officer Laudi explains that the site offers useful resources to a multitude of civil servants, that have very different roles. "Policy makers can use Joinup to learn more what other public administrations are doing. Software developers can find common solutions already implemented by other administrations. And business managers and project managers use Joinup to discuss and collaborate with others on best practices in interoperability assets."

Not counting Spammers
Joinup passed the milestone of ten thousand active users yesterday. The public site is unfortunately also popular with spammers, who sign up to post unwanted content. The site's administrators remove this content and block or delete those accounts So, in late September Joinup passed the ten thousand user threshold for the first time. Removing spammers kept the total amount of users hovering around that number. But according to the metrics Joinup now counts 10010 'active users', not counting spammers, on November 15.

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