Testimonial from the LEOS team

Animating our community is a key success factor. A few tips from the LEOS team


LEOS, Legislation Editing Open Software, is an open source software delivered under 2016.38 Legislation Interoperability Tools – LegIT ISA Action. Its objective is to facilitate the drafting of legislative texts and encourage online collaboration between the authors of those. Experts can exchange comments, make suggestions, include version control, and even co-edit the documents.

The LEOS team explains:

On Joinup, we are currently active under the Justice, Law and Security collection. This collection encompasses solutions providing support to various branches of the Justice Administration and to the legal production process. Our solutions are focusing on legislation drafting.


The LEOS team


Making legislation drafting more efficient

LEOS mission is to make legislation drafting more efficient, thanks to a tool developed specifically for the project, also named LEOS.

This software is designed to facilitate efficient online collaboration while drafting legislation, which is usually part of a complex process. We are offering a specific, restrictive structure which helps legislation developers to follow the rules and avoid mistakes. Comments, suggestions, version control, co-edition, they can find anything …

Our activities are part of LegIT - 2016.38. Legislation Interoperability Tools, action funded by ISA2 programme and led by Secretariat-General and Directorate-General for Informatics at the European Commission.

Joinup, a precious collaborative platform to build a solid community

Joinup made a long way! It keeps evolving and is a precious tool for us. Having a dedicated place for a community and our solutions definitely helps us. We use the platform to publish our releases together with useful documentation. It is the ideal channel to reach our potential users and start a conversation with them.

Animating our community, a key success factor

The collaborative aspect of Joinup helps us better understanding and analysing the user’s needs; the direct and indirect feedback (e.g. number of views, number of downloads) we get is definitely useful to improve our support to our community. Moreover, the success stories related by our active collection members give trust to other potential users. So animating our collection, keeping in touch and maintaining the dialogue is key to dynamise our community.

Increasing the members and encouraging discussions

Beginning of 2018 we decided to review our community strategy. How did we do this? Very simply: we fully analysed our previous conversations with potential users. We also  launched several short surveys to understand our community expectations.

We also increased our communication activities in social media, (e.g. blog on Open source software for legislation drafting: What we are working on and why we need your feedback) and we worked on supporting documents explaining the scope and features of our solution.

And it worked well! We tripled our views on Joinup and the number of requests for information by email increased drastically… We are still at the beginning of our journey to building a strong community, but we are getting there: we are confident that some of our correspondents will soon post their solutions in our community… The first post is always the hardest!

A few tips to make it work…

We felt it was necessary to have a clear, simple, visual and straightforward presentation of our tool. Just enough to generate interest of those dealing with legislation drafting. So we worked that out, and it bore fruits.

On the other hand, as already said, the social media are excellent multipliers for our awareness -as the results analysis indicates- as well as an efficient channel to contact potentially interested parties.  

Last but not least, allocation of enough resources to respond in due time to the received questions and giving demonstrations of your tools are essential.

Sharing is caring

Sharing on Joinup allows delivering better quality, improving visibility of the activities and disseminating the success stories of public administrations. In conclusion, it is a key factor for developing the digital single market.

Do not hesitate to contact us at: DIGIT-LEOS-FEEDBACK@ec.europa.eu

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