TR: Open Source training for…

TR: Open Source training for 600 teachers

Six hundred Turkish teachers will starting September be taught how to train their students to use Open Source. The ministry of Education has just finished a three-month course on the topic.

The ministry has been working on the Open Source course material for almost a year and published the final version in May. The course is based on the use of Pardus, the Turkish GNU/Linux distribution. Over a period of three months, teachers will receive about ninety hours of training, which should prepare them for teaching the subject to high school students aged 16 and 17.

A pilot region has just been selected. In the city of Istanbul 75 teachers will be the first to be trained in teaching the use of Open Source. This group will then be teaching 525 other teachers in the city, starting this September.

The ministry expects all six hundred teachers to be ready to teach the subject to their 30.000 high school students. The course on using Open Source is scheduled for the 2009 - 2010 school year.

The ministry is now looking for professional instructors with a hands-on experience with the Pardus GNU/Linux distribution and other Open Source applications.

The high school course is the second Open Source training developed as part of Megep. In November last year the ministry began disseminating course material to teach primary school students aged 11 and 12 how to install and use Pardus GNU/Linux. For this course, all PCs in Turkey's primary schools are configured to boot either Pardus GNU/Linux or Microsoft Windows.

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