‘Transition to eGovernment ne…

‘Transition to eGovernment needs change management’


The conversion to modern, eGovernment services is a change management process that requires institutional support, says Lars Frelle-Petersen, the Director-General of Denmark’s Agency for Digitisation (Digitaliseringsstyrelsen). “Government leaders should be committed to such a huge transition process”, he is quoted as saying by Version2, a Danish IT news site.

Denmark’s politicians are increasingly aware that existing laws and regulations can result in IT systems that are too complex to manage. In those cases, digitisation requires simplification of legislation and public administration processes, Frelle-Petersen says. “Without simplification, digitisation often will fail to deliver the expected results.”

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On 16 March, the Director-General opened the ‘Digitalisation of Public Administration’ (Offentlig digitalisering) conference, which took place in Aarhus - Denmark’s second-largest city. The two-day conference attracted close to 1300 attendees.

Digitaliseringsstyrelsen is leading the development of Denmark’s next Joint Government Digital Strategy, which is well on its way, Frelle-Petersen said. His presentation lists:

  • Data as driver;
  • Automation;
  • Overview and focus on user experience;
  • Digital-ready legislative and regulatory simplification;
  • Coherent welfare services;
  • Fewer administrative burdens;
  • New generations of core infrastructure;
  • Framework architecture and standards;
  • Information Security.



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