UK and Spain jointly assess m…

UK and Spain jointly assess maturity and sustainability of open source


Cenatic, the Spanish government's resource centre on open source, and the Open Source Software Watch, a service for higher and further education institutions in the UK, are sharing knowledge and experience, to improve models to assess the maturity and sustainability of open source software.

A first workshop took place in the Spanish city of Almendralejo, in the region of Extremadura, on 21 September. The meeting also involved representatives of the Apache Foundation.

The organisations want to exchange knowledge on methodologies used to measure and ensure the sustainability of free software projects, Cenatic said in a press statement.

The OSS Watch, funded by JISC, an agency supporting innovation in the use of technology in research, teaching and learning in the UK, is already working on modelling free software sustainability. It will use Cenatic's experiences and similar assessments, explains one of the OSS Watch members, Rowan Wilson: "We will incorporate their feedback and expertise into the model in the spirit of iterative enhancement. This model will be published under a CC licence."

Wilson describes the collaboration as a practical project, more than a formal joint research project. "Both organisations can benefit from each other research work on such models."

Reporting on his visit to Extremadura, Wilson writes: "It was interesting to learn of the methods Cenatic employs in assessing the sustainability and maturity of software projects, and we look forward to using their experiences to further refine the model. It was also fascinating to learn about how the Spanish government supports the IT sector’s engagement with open source, and works to create sustainable solutions to the problems it faces."

Cenatic in a press statement said that ensuring the technical and economic sustainability of free software projects, is the culmination of the Cenatic's work. The centre aims to create communities around certain free software applications, to contribute to the technical and economic sustainability.

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