University fuels NextCloud's…

University fuels NextCloud's improved monitoring


Encouraged by a potential customer - a large, German university - the German start-up company NextCloud has improved the resource monitoring capabilities of its eponymous cloud services solution, which it makes available as open source software. The improved monitoring should help users scale their implementation, decide how to balance work loads and alert them to potential capacity issues.

NextCloud’s monitoring capabilities can easily be combined with OpenNMS, an open source network monitoring and management solution.


Screenshot from NextCloud website

The monitoring capabilities are included in version 10 of NextCloud, which was made available on 25 August.

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The NextCloud software is a fork of OwnCloud.

It was created in June by core developers working for OwnCloud, including the firm’s founder, because of a disagreement with management and investors over the company’s future direction. Their new, Stuttgart-based enterprise is to provide services around the cloud software. NextCloud, the company, hopes to sign support contracts with European universities and educational organisations very soon, says a source close to the company.

One example of a university currently using OwnCloud is the Technical University of Berlin (TU Berlin), which in 2014 began offering its so-called TubCloud to students and staff.

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NextCloud press release

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