US - UML Profile for NIEM sub…

US - UML Profile for NIEM submitted to the OMG


On February 20 a Revised UML Profile for the National Information Exchange Model (NIEM) was delivered to the Object Management Group.

 NIEM has been designed as a consensus standard by public and private partners to develop, disseminate and support cross-enterprise information exchange standards for critical information in emergency situations, as well as to support the daily operational information sharing requirements.

The development of the Profile was a joint effort of the NIEM Program Management Office, the OMG Technical Committee, Program Manager for the Information Sharing Environment, and industry and academic partners. The Profile has the aim to provide a standard for modeling NIEM artifacts (e.g. Model Package Descriptions) so there is greater adoption of NIEM by tool vendors and, as a main objective, the government can purchase commercial products that has integrated standardized information sharing and exchange from the start.

 The NIEM UML Profile will also have the advantage reducing the need to learn the details of the NIEM Naming and NIEM Design Rules (NDR) for technical resources.

 The Profile will be an industry standard that needs to enhance the creation of information sharing and exchange models across systems, agencies and governments that are conformant to NIEM. The next step for the NIEM UML Profile is to find pilots so stakeholder value can be demonstrated.

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