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Walloon public administrations increase sharing and re-use


IMIO, an ICT cooperative for public administrations in Belgium's Walloon region, reports a rapid increase in new members. A year and a half after being founded by the Walloon Ministry of Local Authorities, the organisation has 201 members, including 165 municipalities, 25 social welfare centres, 5 police departments and 3 provincial organisations. The majority of ICT services delivered by the co-op are open source-based.

The cooperation started in November 2012, as a merger between the ICT service provider for Communesplone, a group of public administrations developing open source web-services, and Qualicité, a ICT service organisation for the Walloon authorities.

IMIO reports that this year it will offer over 300 web-services. The majority of members use Plonemeeting, a tool for planning appointments and keeping track of official requests. Second most-popular is "Guichet TéléService" an online-reception desk. There is also much demand for "Gestion des séances délibérantes", a management tool for meetings.

The ICT-co-op announces on its website that it hopes to create new partnerships with the Walloon Parliament, the Department for Planning, Housing, Real-Estate and Energy (DG04) and commercial legal and ICT service organisations.

The ICT-service provider says it expects to play a key role in the use of free software in the Walloon region, supported by regional policy statements.


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