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Joinup Open Source News Service - February 2017

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Just fans, or members of the band?

One of Europe's most famous open source examples, and one of OSOR's leading models, the city of Munich, is in serious trouble. The current city government, in power since the 2014 elections, has made it clear from the start that it wants a return to the proprietary desktop. On 15 February, it came to a vote.

The two main parties demanded a switch to a proprietary brand within three years in order to solve interoperability problems. Following last week's debate - and as a concession to the opposition - Munich will first study the return to the proprietary desktop in more detail, to prepare a final decision.

Enthusiasts or advocates?

In the days leading up to the vote, free and open source enthusiasts from Germany and beyond voiced their concern, most visibly on social media. The city received a record-breaking number of comments, a city councillor noted.

A handful of activists attended the city hall meeting, applauding those standing up for the LiMux project. An alliance of German and international free and open source organisations is questioning the city's plans.

Their actions will help to motivate the city's IT department and city council opposition, hoping to save the city's free and open source workstations. The next few months will show if Europe's free software groups can orchestrate a rescue attempt.


Sharing & Reuse Conference 2017


The Sharing & Reuse Conference 2017 will bring together representatives from public administrations: policy and decision makers, legal professionals, IT managers, and procurers. Private sector IT developers providing IT solutions for public administration will also be represented.

The conference, organised by the European Commission's ISA² Programme, will take place on 29 March in Lisbon.

At the conference, ISA² will also announce the winners of the Sharing and Reuse Awards contest. The ceremony will see in total EUR 100,000 awarded to public administrations that have shared their IT solutions and whose solutions have a potential for wider reuse in Europe.


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