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SE: eRemiss - Intermediate phase launched

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eRemiss is Sweden's first joint project for electronic referral management. It consists of developing specifications for describing the content, processes and concepts pertaining to eReferrals. It is about preparing specifications for information, rather than providing a complete specification or technical descriptions.

The first phase of the project ran between December 2010 and May 2011 and it covered the information structure and the handling of the so-called 'general referral'. The results of this phase may be found here (in Swedish only). 

The newly launched intermediate phase will be aimed at supplementing the results reached under phase 1 with parts that could not be included nor detailed enough so far due to time constraints. 

The results will be delivered as national guidelines and templates developed by the Centre for eHealth in Sweden (Center för eHälsa i samverkam - CeHis, in Swedish). The establishment of the unified electronic management of referrals will require (1) that the counties and healthcare providers implement the guidelines/templates produced, and (2) that common issues relating to support services be solved.   

Expected benefits are increased patient safety and awareness, better information quality, the availability of referral statistics for health funds and reduced administrative costs for the management of referrals.

The project is commissioned by Centre for eHealth in Sweden, and is carried out by Stockholm County Council, Västra Götaland Regional Council and the Skåne Regional Council. Other counties are also involved either as project participants or as reference groups. The results should be implemented in all counties.

It is worth noting that the actual phase 2 of the project is set to be launched afterwards, during 2012.


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