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CH: The Swiss eHealth Strategy

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The Swiss eHealth strategy aims to enable the Swiss people to obtain access to a quality-based, efficient, safe and financially beneficial health care system.

The objective is to improve in particular the electronic networking of stakeholders in the health system. The Swiss must be able to receive the benefits of the health care system and to authorise the experts of their choice to access their personal medical information, regardless of the time and place they are located. Thanks to secure and quality-oriented online services, patients can actively participate in the decision-making on their health problems. Finally, interoperability among applications and eHealth projects must be promoted in order to reach conclusive solutions applicable to the entire state of Switzerland.

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27 June 2007
Federal Office of Public Health - Federal Department of Home Affairs
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© Office fédéral de la santé publique (OFSP - The Swiss Federal Office of Public Health)
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Policy/Strategy papers
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eHealth, Electronic health records, ePrescribing, Health portals, Patient summary, Policy, Telemedicine services
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Federal Office of Public Health - Federal Department of Home Affairs
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