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DE: Decision of the IT Planning Council on the National eGovernment Strategy

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The IT Planning Council (IT-Planungsrat, in German) of the Federal and States decided on the national eGovernment strategy during its third meeting, which was held in Berlin, on 23 September 2010. For the first time the federal government, the states and the municipalities jointly agreed on the direction to follow with respect to the further development of the electronic handling of administrative matters over the Internet.

The following six target areas and related common goals are defined for the National eGovernment Strategy:

  • To orientate eGovernment services according to their the benefits for citizens, business and management;
  • To increase savings and efficiency;
  • Transparency, privacy and security;
  • To strengthen social participation through the provision of Internet services;
  • Innovation, viability and sustainability;
  • The power of IT support.

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24 September 2010
Federal Agency for Information Technology - Ministry of Interior (Die Beauftragte der Bundesregierung für Informationstechnik - Das Ministerium für Inneres)
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Policy/Strategy papers
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Efficiency & Effectiveness, Benchmarking, eGovernment, eIdentity and eSecurity, Infrastructure, Interoperability, Legal Aspects, Multi-channel Delivery, Policy, Regional and Local, Services for Businesses, Services for Citizens, User-centric Services
broadband services, data governance, data protection, eGovernment strategy, eServices, mobile services, modernisation, multi-channel, one-stop shop, open government, social participation, standardisation, transparency, user-centricity, web 2.0 tools
IT Planning Council (IT-Planungsrat)
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