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Public Procurement for EU Funded Projects

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European Seminar: How to avoid irregularities in public procurement and prevent cancellation of funding for EU funded projects

The application of public procurement rules still poses many practical challenges for all bodies involved in the management and control of EU funds. However, a lot is at stake for EU Member States: in case irregularities are identified by the European Commission, corrections have to be made.

Prevent the worst case scenario of cancellation of funding and learn how to avoid irregularities in public procurement for EU funded projects. The European Academy for Taxes, Economics & Law invites experts dealing with public procurement for EU funded projects to

  • Gain an insight from the European Commission in the forecast for modernisation of EU public procurement rules;

  • Become familiar with the public procurement regime and typical mistakes in its application;

  • Deepen their knowledge about preventive actions and control systems for public procurement;

  • Learn more about the case law of the European court of Justice regarding EU public procurement and its impact on their daily work;

  • Learn all details about auditing of public procurement under Art. 62 Reg. 1083/2006;

  • Participate in an interactive workshop on the European Court of Auditors’ approach to the audit in the area of cohesion.

Expected participants:

Experts dealing with public procurement for EU funded projects from Managing Authorities, Intermediate Bodies and Authorising Bodies (e.g. Ministries, Development Banks), Certifying Authorities, Audit Authorities, Public and private Beneficiaries of EU structural funds, other bodies responsible for EU funded projects or other multilateral and bilateral projects

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