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ELDY - bringing the computer to the elderly

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Eldy is a project to bring elderly to an enriching web and computer experience. Eldy is the name of the project, the name of the freeware software and the name of the no-profit organization behind the initiative. With Eldy senior can use email, browse the web, chat, get weather info, see digital pictures, streaming, etc, in a clear GUI, with big labels in a friendly language. Eldy is both easy and nice - so the experience is effective and entertaining. Eldy has over 150.000 users in Italy and is a fast growing community given the strategy of Local Public administration, that is strongly helping the diffusion of the software (i.e : over 1.400.000 cd's are being distributed and a lot of training initiatives are being put on place).

Description of target users and groups

We target the senior. Our payoff is "Tutti in rete appassionatamente" (All on Net with passion).

Description of the way to implement the initiative

Local administration and local non profits can distribute the software and organize training courses in schools and social centers.

Technology solution

Eldy is freeware, released with standard EULA (end user licence agreement) perpetual and free-of-charge.Eldy is a Java desktop application, a desktop itself and a framework; Eldy is also a Linux distribuition. All servers are Linux Debian and web services based. Eldy servers provide all email, chat, RSS and web services.

19-9-2008. ELDY LINUX released:

Main results, benefits and impacts

Eldy is the first software to allow over 55 to enjoy the internet and the computer.

Eldy has over 150.000 users since January 2007. These users are mostly (>95%) over 55 and most of them (>70%) did not use computer before installing Eldy or having Eldy installed.

Lessons learnt

Lesson 1 - If we provide senior and illiterate users a clear software, they get in love with technology.

Lesson 2 - Technology is empty without a community and friends to be found just a click away.

Lesson 3 - Software is a good starting point, but without traning, motivational support and - also - marketing, even the best software on a brillant CD is completely useless.

Case Info

Website URL:
Start date:
Operational date:
31 December 2006


Target Users or Group:
Minorities and migrants, Older people (60+), People with no or poor digital literacy
Cities working on e-Inclusion (Archived), Communicating security using ICT (Archived), e-PAΦ-i FOR SOUTHEASTERN EUROPE AND MEDITERRANEAN, eAccessibility practice, policy, monitoring and impact, eInclusion, ePractice, Service provision through TV for seniors, Social computing for public services 2.0
Case status:
Funding source:
Charity, voluntary contributions, Private sector, Public funding local, Public funding regional
Geographic coverage:
Implementation cost:
elderly, freeware, Seniors
Digital literacy and competences, eInclusion, ICT and Aging, ICT and community development
My languages:
Dutch, English, French, Italian
Technology choice:
Mainly (or only) open standards, Proprietary technology, Standards-based technology
Return on investment:
Not applicable / Not available
Type of service:
Overall implementation approach:
Partnerships between administration and/or private sector and/or non-profit sector
Type of initiative:
Project or service, Promotion/awareness campaign
Yearly cost: