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Free software accelerates modernisation

To deliver innovative government solutions, Europe's public administrations turn to free and open source software, the Open Source Observatory and Repository (OSOR) manifests this month. Modernisation and innovation are one of the main motives, next to the saving of costs. Freedom, flexibility and scalability enabled by open source software make it an obvious choice for public ventures.

No wonder, then, that in France's Aquitaine region, an open source incubator has become an established business accelerator. The incubator, Aquinetic, links free software firms, user groups, schools, research centres and public administrations.

This is yet another concrete example of how switching to free and open source software contributes to the economy and improves productivity.

Smart public administrations see that their embracing of free software creates future benefits. Their active contribution creates a virtuous loop, potentially transmogrifying their IT budgets into investments that add value.


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Open source incubator Aquitaine region draws investors

Licence fine forces town to drop move to alternative office tools

Aquinetic, an open source incubator in France’s Aquitaine region, has become an established business accelerator. It now acts as a resource for investors keen to mix free software and conventional business models. The Dutch city of Arnhem has, for now, given up searching for alternatives for its office productivity tools, after settling a claim with a dominant software vendor for unlicensed use of its office software.
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Changing Limerick’s government services boosts open source [Ireland]
The overhaul of government service delivery in Limerick, Ireland's third-largest city, proceeds in concert with the introduction of free and and open source software.
Open data projects propel open source in Basque Country [Spain]
In the slipstream of open data projects, Basque Country public administrations are increasingly turning to open source.
‘Where is the nearest?’: Spain shares code for web map-tool [Spain]
The government of Spain is making available as open source the code for Ciudadania Europea, a web site that pointed citizens to the nearest embassies and consular services in European countries.
Mokotów real estate dept.: ‘Open source encourages innovation’ [Poland]
The Department of Real Estate Management of Mokotów, a district of the city of Warsaw (Poland), is increasingly turning to free and open source software solutions to providing flexible, innovative new ICT services.
Award for open source advocate of South Tyrol government [Italy]
The organisers of the South Tyrol Free Software Conference have awarded Erwin Pfeifer, a senior support engineer working for the autonomous province in northern Italy.
Open source motor for Basque Country’s big data project [Spain]
The Government of the Basque Country in Spain is relying on open source for a large-scale distributed storage platform.
FixMyDocuments round 1: 15,000 EU documents need fixing [Europe]
The FixMyDocuments campaign has compiled a list of over 15,000 editable documents from the European institutions not available in the Open Document Format.
French, German, Dutch and Italian hackathons fuel UK ODF plugfest [Europe]
Hackathons in Toulouse (France), Munich (Germany), Woerden (the Netherlands) and Bologna (Italy) involving software developers and public administrations, are providing input for the ODF Plugfest taking place in London on 8 and 9 December.
Companies House rebuilds core services on MongoDB [United Kingdom]
Companies House, the UK registry of companies, has deployed the open source database system MongoDB to rebuild its core services
TU Berlin deploys ownCloud for cloud storage and file sharing [Germany]
The Technical University of Berlin (TU Berlin) has deployed the open source software package ownCloud to provide cloud storage and file sharing services to 10,000 students and employees, making this one of the largest deployment of ownCloud worldwide.

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LibreOffice in the municipality of Neerijnen: Cost reduced, flexibility increased

Complex singularity versus openness

The Dutch municipality of Neerijnen has replaced its proprietary office productivity suite with LibreOffice, a free and open source alternative. Open source impeded by incompatibilities and inconsistencies in the Office Open XML document format
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Fosdem 2015

Open source and standards in eHealth

FOSDEM is a free event that offers open source communities a place to meet, share ideas and collaborate. It is renowned for being highly developer-oriented and brings together 5000+ geeks from all over the world. This workshop on open source and open standards in e-health in Denmark will introduction new solutions for municipalities and suppliers that want to focus on new open source e-health solutions.
31 January - 01 February, Brussels, Belgium 13 January, Aarhus, Denmark
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10th ODF Plugfest 08 - 10 December 2014, London, United Kingdom
.concat() 2015 07 March 2015, Salzburg, Austria
Fossgis 2015 11 - 13 March, Münster, Germany
European Drupal Days 2015 19 - 20 March, Milan, Italy

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SD-DSS 4.2.0 Genis - Forms
This is the version 4.2.0 of the SD-DSS framework. Tools for developing and maintaining large web forms with complex validation.

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